Activ Sitting, Inc.

We're helping solve the greatest public health threats today:

Sedentary Disease, Obesity, Type II Diabetes, CD Disease and Depression

with the smartest, most convenient, practical and non-disruptive means of getting and keeping people moving – at work, at leisure, and eventually even in transit.


What's causing the problem?

"It's lack of excercise, not overeating."

James Levine, MD, Co-Director of Mayo Clinic ASU Obesity Solutions Initiative

"It's not about standing, it's about moving."

Gabe Koepp, Program Manager of Resarch Operations, Mayo Clinic

We have the answer!

“. . . the best technique to combat the medical problems associated with sitting is a multitude of frequent,

low-intensity stimuli, throughout the day."

Joan Vernikos, PhD., former Director of NASA’s Life Sciences Division

We have created a hardware/software- combined device that can help people

avoid the perils of prolonged sitting.